Friday, 21 September 2012

Aged 40½ Weeks (21st September 2012)

My Chunky Friend Daisy

We're both poorly this week. Mummy says I got the cold first and passed it onto her.
But because we're poorly, we feel lazy. So I chose this Daisy book, because Daisy is a car that likes to be lazy.
The story rhymes and makes it all jolly and at the end she's got flat tyres!
It's colourful and chunky, and Mummy made it go Clack! when she clicked the pages together.

Paperback 9781845314644 £3.99

Friday, 14 September 2012

Aged 39½ weeks (14th September 2012)

Hello, Dinosaurs!

I have this book at home, and it's fabulous.
It's a puppet book, which means that Mummy's hand hides away when she reads it.
Each dinosaur is a different colour, and the book is in the hand, so when Mummy reads it, she turns the page with her other hand - or lets me do it!
This week she's been singing the story, but normally she just reads it.
I went to see the doctor this week and I don't itch quite so much now.

Paperback 9780545119788 £8.99

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Aged 38½ weeks (8th September 2012)

Fire Engine

I have been very tired today.
I've had ever such a busy week (my cousin's wedding and also I've been crawling around), and i can't sleep, so i have to rub my eyes and scratch and that makes me feel sleepy and sad.
But when Mummy read Fire Engine to me, it cheered me right up!

It has a siren button on the front that goes wow-wow-wow-wow.
Then Daddy came home from work and read it to me again.
It has pop-up pages and the story tells you all about how the fire engine works.

Paperback 9781857077100 £7.99