Friday, 31 August 2012

Aged 37½ weeks (31st August 2012)

Katy Cat and Beaky Boo

This is a new book by the lady that does Maisy Mouse.
It's lift-the-flap, and all the way through, Katy Cat (who's got the same name as my cousin Katie), talks to her friend Beaky Boo and asks him questions. She asks him what colour he is and if he's stripy and what he likes to eat.
Then you lift the flap and see what other animals are like.
Mummy lets me lift the flap but she doesn't let me pull it hard.

Paperback 9781406338386 £6.99

Friday, 24 August 2012

Aged 36½ weeks (24th August 2012)

The Gruffalo

Just 8 days until the Gruffalo visits me on 1st September!

I have read The Gruffalo this week.
My copy of the Gruffalo was given to me by my namesake, Auntie Katherine, for my baptism in June. She also gave me Gruffalo Bookends and the Gruffalo and Mouse toys. They're my favourites.

The story is rhymy and funny. The Mouse tells all the animals that the Gruffalo will eat them, but he made it up. But the Gruffalo is really real, and the Mouse told the Gruffalo that all the animals are scared of him!
My copy is a paperback, but Mummy doesn't let me hold it, so I've reviewed the Board Book this week.

Board Book 9780230747937 £5.99

Paperback 9780333710937 £6.99

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Aged 35½ weeks (18th August 2012)

The Gruffalo's Child

Did you know that the Gruffalo is coming to visit me on 1st September? That's in two weeks' time.
To celebrate, Mummy has been reading me the Gruffalo stories.
This week, I have chosen The Gruffalo's Child.
You are supposed to read The Gruffalo first, which I have read, but this week was the first time I had read the Gruffalo's Child.
It's really funny, because the Gruffalo's Child doesn't believe in the Big Bad Mouse, and is naughty because she goes out into the wood on her own.
You meet all the characters from The Gruffalo story again.

I hope you'll all come to see me when the Gruffalo visits. It's going to be amazing!

Board Book 9780230749610 £5.99

Paperback 9781405020466 £6.99

Friday, 10 August 2012

Aged 34½ Weeks (10th August 2012)

The Pig's Knickers

I have chosen The Pig's Knickers.
We've had a few story-times this summer holiday, and this one was read to me this week by Tammy.
I can't remember all of the other books, but they were all great!
In this story, Pig finds some knickers and then does lots of tricks in them
to all his farmyard friends. They think he's amazing but Pig thinks they
don't love him when he's not wearing his new knickers.
Pig was very talented.
This book was really funny.


Friday, 3 August 2012

Aged 33½ Weeks (3rd August 2012)

Crunchy Croc

This book is a Puppet Book.
It's by Sam Lloyd who did Calm Down, Boris!
Coco the Crocodile is really hungry, like me, but she goes around and eats everything! And she nibbles my fingers.
All of her friends are hot and thirsty, but they don't have any water. Coco makes a waterhole.
This week, my friend Xavier came to visit me. He's 14 weeks old, which is the same age I was when I started recommending books on here!
He enjoyed the book too, and especially the puppet, and he let me cuddle him, too.