Friday, 12 October 2012

Aged 43½ weeks (10 Months exactly) (12th October 2012)

Baby Play Day

I wasn't sure about Mummy choosing this one for me this week- I wanted Pirate Pete's Potty. She said I'm not learning how to use the potty.

So, we've read Baby Play Day. It's not a story, but a book of fun things.
There is a boy and girl who live in a house, and some letters (Mummy thought it was really clever that the apple turned into a ball and then a cat), and some numbers, and some touchy-feely pages at the back.

It's not got too much to look at, but it's just right to keep my attention for a little while. Mummy complained I couldn't keep still, so Daddy also took some pictures when he got in from work.

Board Book  9781849153843 £7.99

Friday, 5 October 2012

Aged 42½ weeks (5th October 2012)

Buster's Farm

 Mummy read this one at story-time on Tuesday.
Everyone thought it was great.
Not only does the story tell you all about Buster looking after all the animals on the farm, but also, Mummy makes the animal noises, including the Duck, and you can feel all the animals furry!
A great book for someone as little as me, and as big as the other children.
We all loved it.
(PS, it is me in the picture - I'm wearing a caterpillar disguise that Aunty Rebekah gave me)

Board Book 9780230707207  £7.99


Thursday, 4 October 2012

Aged 41½ weeks (28th September 2012)

Animal Counting

This book is great! Mummy says "Six colourful Chameleons, SIX!"
and a number pops up from the page!
It counts you from 1 to 10, which is just unfathomable for me! Ten whole numbers! Wow! The animals are great fun, and there are as many animals as there are numbers - I know because Mummy counted them out to me.
It's by Petr Horcek, who is a famous Illustrator, and Tim, who visits me from Walker, thinks he's the bee's knees.

Board Book 9781406337617  £9.99