Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Making Bookmarks

Eleanor is doing her Book Reader Activity Badge for Beavers.
She has to read 6 books (which she has done through the Library's Summer Reading Challenge), learn about how to look after books, and make a bookmark (after learning what they're for).

So, This Week Eleanor Loves... Making Bookmarks!

Firstly, here's a video of Eleanor sharing why it's important to use bookmarks.

(I'm sorry I haven't included subtitles - please see the bottom of the post for a transcript)

And here are the bookmarks we made!
Eleanor's bookmarks - an elephant, a monster with teeth, a cookie, a crying with laughter emoji and a love hearts for eyes emoji

Eleanor's elephant bookmark. It's a corner bookmark, in grey, wth a long curvy trunk, pipe cleaner tusks, googly eyes and big grey ears. There are pink pieces of paper acting as the inner ear and behind the eyes. It's tucked over the edge of a Highway Rat postcard

Andrea's bookmarks. All corner bookmarks - one lion. one forest with a rubbish origami fox, one green monster with big eyes and a tongue, one kissy face emoji and one made from old music manuscript

We used this tutorial from YouTube:
But in the interests of fairness, there are loads of different tutorials on the internet and YouTube that show similar bookmarks - explore and have fun!

Video transcript:

Andrea: Hello Eleanor, Can you tell me what a bookmark is ?
Eleanor: A bookmark is a thing what you put in a book, when you've finished half of a long book and you're saving the rest because you're doing something.
A: And are there any other ways of marking a page in a book that maybe you're interested in looking at later on? Would you, for example, hold the book open flat on its back, like this, on a surface?
E: No
A: You wouldn't do that? Why wouldn't you do that?
E: Because you might... one of the pages might have been like this... and it could have ripped.
A: ohh.
E: even if it was a library book
A: especially if it's a library book because other people need to read it, don't they.
E: yes
A: What about folding the corner of the page down? That'll help me find my page, won't it?
E: yeees. No!
A: Why wouldn't we do that?
E: because if we fold the book, it will be very bad because if you fold it, the page might get stuck with the other page. Even if you do two pages.
A: Will it break the page?
E: yes.
A: So, what are we going to do then to mark our books?
E:Make bookmarks!
A: Excellent, thank you.

Thursday, 16 August 2018


Swapsies is a lovely tale about a group of friends who each have their own favourite toys.
Fang's favourite is Sock, but Philip's train is better and Simon's ball is spectacular!
So Fang does swapsies with his friends.
When Ball gets stolen by a bird, Fang finds a stick and swaps it to get Sock back. Which turns out to be his most favourite toy after all!
Eleanor says:
"It's about sharing and swapping toys. Make sure you don't lose anyone else's toy like Fang lost Simon's toy. The friends were happy all together."
"It was swapsies-tastic!"

Swapsies by Fiona Robertson
AR level: LY 1.5

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